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Issues without milestone

#417 Laravel 6 support?
#414 How install adminlte 3 with composer in laravel?
#413 Login component missing after running npm install and npm run dev
#409 not including plugins in views file plugin calling not working
#405 menu laravel
#401 Landing page issue with responsive design
#395 How to add by default do not discover laravel/dusk
#393 Links in Menu doesn't works on Pratt Landing Page
#379 Create a Laravel preset for adminlte
#371 Idea: incorporing by default vuex in default template
#363 Remember me and Accept terms not clickable in Safari iOS 11
#362 Idea how to avoid public files are outdated (after changing src files like javascript vue components)
#346 Upgrade to vue style Guide
#332 Use view composer instead of share avoid problems testing
#265 Add to window.Laravel the logged user?
#264 Add (optional) password strength checker to user registration
#263 Show error messages in login an register forms when server return error 500
#262 Add option for make:menu command to add permissions
#257 PWA
#248 Problem with username login
#246 LoginForm can't customize form action url,how to hidden remember field
#241 README to large --> create docs in Gitbook a
#240 More tests (and better coverage). For example test reset password form and console commands
#238 Add make command to add vue components boilerplate
#234 Acacha/forms should be optional (allow send forms not using ajax)
#228 Find ( if possible ) a solution for public folder not in sync
#177 Support dotted notation in php artisan make:vc pages.widgets
#176 Test new feature: change template installing a package optional template
#173 make:route --type=resource Avoid using default laravel resource controller add more options